Who are we

Revonte in its current form was founded at the beginning of the year 2018. Revonte was originally a result of two e-bike enthusiasts coming together being fed up with the domination and restriction current electronic systems could provide. We strive on our passion and believe it should show in our corporate culture and in our products.

We both, me and Antero have worked inside the e-bike industry for years mainly on the reseller side gaining firsthand experience of customer needs. In his previous careers, Antero has been running successful industrial projects from start to finish giving him a great deal of expertise to work as our CEO. I come from a very different background as a millennial tech enthusiast and current mechanical engineer having experienced the rise of social media and service economy.

We both experienced the same limitation of current electronics in our previous product development projects – for me in public bike share project and for Antero in his innovation winning light electric vehicle project which led us to an idea to develop our own. Since then, we have iterated the idea with end users, bike manufacturers and service design experts to come up with what we believe to be a winning concept.

From the start, we have had a great pleasure to work with multiple start-up accelerator programs and great start-up culture here in our hometown Tampere. And it has truly shown – through these couple of months we have managed to iterate our product idea, raise private pre-seed funding, raise public funding, run through a feasibility study of the electronics and software, create initial product designs, design a prototype and strengthen our team. The latest addition to our team is Otto in the role of CTO – a successful serial entrepreneur with tens of years of experience in software development.

But a lot of our success is merit to our subcontractors. We have had the utmost success as well as a good luck with selecting the great partners to work with. For us, the fall of Nokia has been a great deal as it has left a huge amount of capable, brilliant and experienced engineering knowledge for us to make use of.

Our vision is to create a new revolutionary e-bike electronics that raise the bar in every segment from mechanical performance to embedded and cloud software. With the ideology we have learned from the software industry, we can provide new service models, earning methods and quicker product development which ultimately leads to better user experience and brand loyalty.

We believe that from here on we will only accelerate our pace – and we can guarantee You that we are working day and night to make that happen!

Iiro Peltola,

Head of R&D