We are now Revonte

Revonte is creating a revolution in the e-bike technology

Freedom to innovate remains the heritage along our journey to make better e-bikes. Our new name underlines the evident new digital era movement in the e-bike industry. We are not happy to make small steps and call them innovations. We are one of the drivers of this industry to push things entirely onto a new level – make the digital revolution in e-bike electronics and services.

The story behind the name comes from Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, called Revontuli in the Finnish language. Electrically charged particles created by the solar wind forms an extraordinary light phenomenon in earth’s magnetosphere here at the northern latitudes nature. Name itself is a combination and word puzzle of those words, revolution and revontuli.

Similar to that, our personal “charge” comes from the dedication and passion for developing one of the greatest devices of mankind, e-bike, to its extreme. Making citizens life under the Revontuli better is our goal. We integrate the gearbox in the central motor, services to our system heart and diagnostics in our system soul. That makes lighting experience for every user.

from the CEO’s corner