Digital service concept

E-bikes equipped with the Revonte ONE drive system are smart and connected. The system knows when service is needed, and we don’t just mean servicing the motor or the battery, but for example the brakes or the drivetrain. A notification is sent to the user automatically, to let them know what kind of service is needed and where they can get it done.

The Revonte digital service also maintains a digital service record in the cloud, provides an online service manual right in the app and even lets users order spare parts and other accessories for their bikes.

Remote diagnostics

Bike usage and behavior is automatically tracked using sensors embedded into the drive unit. The system periodically performs internal diagnostics on the drive unit, controller and battery, alerting the user whenever problems are detected. Information about usage and problems is also anonymously shared with the e-bike manufacturer, so they know how their product is working on the road and are able to use that data to improve the bikes.

Service network

We provide an extensive service network via our partners.

The fact that we have only a single hardware model, configured via software, makes drive unit replacement easy and fast.