Revonte ONE App

Versatile dashboard

The Revonte ONE app is a full-blown cycling computer right in your mobile phone. You can access all the important information at a glance and the user interface is fully customizable. With built-in navigation you can easily find suitable routes and trails to ride.

Configure your e-bike

E-bikes with Revonte ONE drive system are flexible and end user configurable. You can easily switch between ride profiles, for example, using a smooth automatic profile for commuting, but switching to a more aggressive one when going on forest trails.

Transmission mode can be changed between fully automatic and semi-auto, gears can be customized for the semi-auto mode, while for automatic mode you can choose the cadence you want to use.

Theft protection

If your bike ever gets stolen, the drive system will automatically detect this and send an alert to your mobile phone. Using the Revonte ONE app you can easily track the location of your bike and even disable the motor to make the bike unusable.

The same functionality is also available for locating the bike if you forgot where you left it the previous night!

Track and share your rides

The ride tracking functionality is built right into the Revonte ONE drive unit, so every one of your rides is automatically recorded, whether you have your mobile phone with you or not. You can use the app to access your past rides and share them in other services like Strava and Wahoo.