Drive unit

Union of hardware and software

Drive unit

Revonte ONE drive unit packs two electric motors, a transmission and a Linux computer in a compact and carefully designed package. It combines robust hardware with smart software, delivering unprecedented power and riding experience for all e-bike types.

Performance and reliability

Thanks to the two motor design, the system can output a lot of torque over a wide range of applications from high performance eMTB to heavy cargo bikes. While the system delivers exceptional features, the hardware itself is very robust and designed for reliability. Since the transmission is built-in, there is no need for the error prone derailleur and cassette system on the back wheel, making the bike in total a lot more reliable.

Full connectivity

There is no need for external boxes or electronics for providing communication features, it’s all built in right into the drive unit. It’s got 4G, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS and CAN bus to cover all possible communication needs. The drive unit also comes with a backup battery, to power features like tracking and theft protection even when the main battery is removed.

The drive unit automatically connects to Revonte’s cloud service, the mobile app, various displays, remote controllers, locks, etc. Our APIs are all open (but also secure) allowing third parties to integrate their products with Revonte ONE.