Revonte ONE

A fully customizable e-bike experience

Drive system

Revonte ONE drive system is not just a powerful drive unit with automatic transmission, ergonomic and flexible controller, high capacity battery and a mobile application. It's a holistic solution for building e-bikes with unprecedented customization, connectivity and services.

The main design drivers of Revonte ONE are great user experience and giving back the control of bike behavior to the e-bike manufacturers. With Revonte ONE, your e-bike models will truly be yours and your customers will recognize the difference.

User experience driven design

We set out to make a drive system with the best user experience possible and what better way to get started, than by removing the pesky (and easily malfunctioning) manual transmission system and let users just enjoy the ride by pedaling!

A bike with Revonte ONE becomes part of your digital life by being 24/7 connected and providing services via our custom mobile app. The drive system keeps improving via new updates and even protects against theft.

ONE for all, all for ONE

Need a motor for a stylish city bike? Another for a dynamic MTB? And one more for a robust cargo bike? We've got you covered, with a single high performance drive unit. The secret is in the software, which makes each drive unit behave according to the requirements of the bike type. Managing a stock of different drive units is a thing of the past as Revonte ONE is truly the ONE you need, for all your bikes.

Manufacturer customizable

Customer comes to the shop and wants an e-bike, any e-bike, as long as its motor is from brand X. No, no, no! They should specifically want your bike!

Revonte ONE is designed for full customization by the e-bike manufacturer. You can finally decide yourself how your bikes behave. Use it for competitive advantage, have your bike models behave differently, make our mobile application yours via custom branding. Take control of your bike, with the help of Revonte ONE.

Open system

We believe in open ecosystems where all players have the opportunity to integrate with and build upon existing solution. Revonte ONE architecture is designed with open interfaces between the components.

Need a display? Use our standard and open Bluetooth API to get information from the drive unit. Automatic locking system? No worries, there's an API for that. Want to build your own applications, using the data in our cloud service? Go ahead! It's all accessible via open and secure APIs. The future is now open.