ONE motor, any bike

Revonte ONE architecture has been designed from the ground up to allow customization by both bike manufacturers and end users. We supply a single version of the hardware, which is then adapted to different bikes and use cases via software. As the hardware is same for all the different bike models, this simplifies supply and stock management a great deal. The drive system behavior is defined just-in-time at assembly stage providing manufacturers great flexibility.

Your bike, your behavior

We strongly believe that e-bike manufacturers should be the ones defining how their product performs, not the component suppliers. That’s why Revonte ONE is the most customizable drive system on the market.

By customizing the behavior of different bike models helps you differentiate on the market, gain competitive advantage and also create variation between your own models. For example you could have a high-end MTB with all features enabled, allowing end users to further customize them, but limit the feature set and customization on a mid-range MTB.

Examples of customizable parameters include

  • Performance (torque, max power, boost)
  • Response (smooth, aggressive)
  • Adaptive assistance
  • Number of gears in semi-auto mode, and their ratios

End user customizable

After receiving their Revonte ONE powered e-bike, the end users can further customize the bike. Through our mobile application, users can switch between profiles and modify them. For example using the same e-bike for commuting and riding off-road requires different settings, that can be easily applied using profiles.

Users can tune the bike to match their natural pedaling cadence, switch between full and semi-automatic modes, adjust the gears and change the functionality of controller buttons and triggers. The available customization options are decided by the bike manufacturer.

App branding

Our mobile application has been designed to be customized by manufacturers. There are branding elements that are connected to each bike model, slightly changing how the application looks and behaves.

For more advanced branding, the full application can be branded under customer name with a separate app in the stores. The branded application can show custom, dynamic content to the end users for service and marketing purposes. It is also possible to include other bikes (without Revonte ONE) into the custom branded application, although features will be limited then.