Revonte in Taichung

The Taichung Bike Week and Eurobike form the big duo of events as far as the bicycle industry is concerned. To describe the nature of the events, Eurobike is the place to show what you have and Taichung is where agreements are written and hands shook. After the very successful launch of the Revonte ONE Drive System at Eurobike, we had our eyes on the Taichung Bike Week well in advance.

Same but Different

Eurobike is mostly about industry people, but on the last day of the fair is also open to regular consumers. Taichung is strictly business, meaning that It is aimed only towards professionals who work in the industry. It is also rare that brands launch any new products during Taichung since Eurobike is a better place to that as far as timing and publicity are considered.  

The difference in geographical location between the two events also effects. Eurobike can be considered a truly international event, meaning that people attend literally from all around the world. As one can guess, most of the Taichung attendees have an Asian background, which makes sense location-wise and because the majority of the manufacturing takes place in Asia. 

The Agenda

Our agenda was simple: to have as many productive meetings and customer negotiations as possible.

Our position in the market is very favorable since we do not have any competition with similar qualities. Sure, the array of e-bike motors is vast and plentiful, but no other drive system has as integrated automatic and stepless transmission that runs on a robust and care-free single-speed drivetrain. Couple that with our highly customizable software and we can confidently say that the Revonte ONE Drive System fights in a class of its own.

Industry heard our message during Eurobike, and people know what we are about, it was all about negotiations at this point. The goal was achieved since the number of productive and large-scale meetings was plentiful. Not much can be disclosed at the moment, but things are progressing and moves are being made!

What Is Going to Happen Next? 

We are working hard and long to get our “prototype fleet” in prime condition to kick off the test rides. The whole Revonte ONE Drive System will go through an arduous testing process to expose and smooth out all the possible kinks in the hardware as well as in the software. 

Test ride opportunities are naturally available for all interested (industry) parties. If interested and you have not jumped on board yet, sign up to our newsletter or contact us by email [email protected]

The Early Adopters

This gives us a nice transition to our early adopter phase. If you want to be among the first ones to run the Revonte ONE Drive System and gain the competitive advantage along with it, right now is the last possible moment to hop on board! 

A limited amount of our valued customers are featured in our soon-to-be-released joint public note that describes their design approach and the branch of bicycle industry they are offering their products for. 

Contact us by email and our sales team will get back to you swiftly.