Revonte Drive System Offers the Highest Level of Configuration

The Revonte Drive System development has had two distinct phases: hardware and software. Most importantly, they form a unit that works harmoniously together in a way which is unprecedented in the e-bike market. First of all, the mechanical structure of our motor is simple and ingenious in its own right and when the broad scale of software-driven features are added into the mix, we can reach a new level of performance and customization. Today we are going to concentrate on the latter one. 

To Customize What?

Current e-bike drive units offer very little room for customization. Sure, there are different levels of assistance which might have some room for tuning but that is about it. A high degree of customization benefits all parties: the bike manufacturer and the end-user – meaning the rider. Let us explain how.

Let’s start with the bike manufacturers point of view. With Revonte Drive System the manufacturer can configure the motor properties however they want. Even though two bikes have the same motor and software, the ride characteristics and even the digital user interface might be completely different. The motor performance can be tuned to fit the needs of any type of use: commuting, road riding or mountain biking. For example, a cargo bike can have significantly higher torque values when accelerating than a regular city bike. This is just one simple example of the degree of tuning and customization that can be done by the bike manufacturer. 

From a rider’s point of view, the assistance modes can be configured – on top of choosing the assistance mode itself. If an avid mountain biker wants more “kick” during acceleration, it can be done through our app. Besides basic functions like these, the bike can learn commonly used routes and optimize functions towards them. The goals of route optimization might be anywhere from the fastest time possible to an option that has the best combination of travel time and battery life.

Customization Is an Asset

One thing that no manufacturer wants – be it inside or outside of the bike industry – is bigger and more complex inventory. With the Revonte Drive System, both are minimized since our motor can be fitted to any type of bike. “One motor to rule them all”, is a catchy slogan but well justified one in many respects. Single motor model and software means simplified and most likely smaller inventory, which makes the bike manufacturers business easier and their product manager happier. On top of this, even the smallest manufacturers can have the customization capabilities that were previously available only to the biggest players in the market. Varied customization options give more possibilities to differentiation and creates a more varied and competitive market environment which will eventually lead to more refined products. That is a win-win situation in every way.

From an end user’s perspective, customization is the ticket for the most enjoyable riding experience – whatever it means to the individual in question. A true tinkerer might find it interesting to search and try every cranny and nook that the motor and software offers. On the other hand, setup and forget style of approach is just as justified and would most likely meet the demands of an individual who uses an ebike just for an occasional or perhaps a daily commute. This, of course, topped with the basic choice of running our exclusive automatic transmission mode or a more traditional indexed type of shifting.

The App

Our system does not include a screen beside the LEDs that are embedded in the remote controller that sits next to the right side handlebar grip. This is one more feature where we give the freedom to the end-user to customize the cockpit area. The default mode is an ergonomic and “stealth looking” cockpit, but a big screen can also be used via our mobile app. If you want to have all the relevant ride metrics visible, it can be done through the app or by a 3rd party ride computer (e,g. Garmin, Sigma etc.) Our app gives the most thorough metrics since it acts as a user interface and dashboard for the bike’s ride characteristics. Besides that, our app has continuity built into it; the more ridden kilometres add up, the more refined adjustments and preference settings can be done based on the private user data. In short, one can go minimalist with a screenless setup or have all the bells and whistles imaginable by using our app. 

To Sum It Up

In our eyes, strong and robust design with broad customization possibilities was missing from the market. We wanted to make things differently from the ground up and ended up with technology and design that has not been used in e-bikes previously. We see the wide-ranging customization options as a strong asset that benefits everybody involved in the bike industry – bike manufacturers and the riders, you included.

All of these configuration possibilities (and much more!) are achieved solely by software, without the added complexity of levers, switches or other mechanical structures that were considered cutting-edge technology in the 20th century. Using a single hardware solution, or at least one with very limited configuration options is the route that the electric car industry has already paved. Why wait any longer in taking the steps in the same direction?