Drive system

A fully customizable e-bike experience

Automatic Transmission

A key feature of the Revonte drive system is replacing manual shifting with an integrated, automatic transmission. It simplifies bike design, improves overall reliability and delivers an incredible user experience.

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Fully customizable

Software is the secret sauce that makes Revonte the most customizable drive system in the market. Our customers never have to settle for a predefined set of features, but can freely build the e-bike they want.

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Anti-theft and more

With 4G connectivity and GPS tracking the user always knows where their e-bike is and in case it gets stolen, can track its location and disable the drive system remotely. Through the mobile application the user has access to all ride data and can tune the behavior of their bike.

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Integrated solution

Revonte drive system provides e-bike manufacturers a fully integrated solution: high-torque motor with automatic transmission, powerful tube battery, integrated computer with cloud connectivity and GPS, user interface with a robust display and controls, plus a mobile application connected to Revonte cloud service.