Revonte ONE Drive System to Power EAV Cargo Bikes

Revonte is developing a new type of e-bike drive system with unique operating principles and features. The drive unit features automatic & stepless transmission and is further enhanced with sophisticated control software which allows a wide range of configuration to fit any type of bike or application all the way from electrically assisted commuters to cargo bikes. The name – Revonte ONE Drive System – was chosen to describe the highly adaptable nature of the system.

Joining the Early Access Program

Revonte announced the first wave of e-bike manufacturers to use the revolutionary Revonte ONE Drive System in January 2020, which included Tunturi, Lavelle Bikes and RS Development. A fourth company will be joining the forward-thinking group of companies and expanding the area where the new drive system will be seen. 

EAV is a new generation vehicle production company based in the UK with the focus in producing zero-emission vehicles. The developmental work made by the EAV has produced new types of cargo e-bikes – the EAVan and the EAVcab.

The EAVan model line has capabilities and features previously found only from motorized vehicle categories, but it still falls under the legislation of normal e-bikes. Besides improved payload capacities, the EAVan and the EAVcab bring several benefits from safety and operational point of views. 

The team behind the EAV has chosen the Revonte ONE Drive System to power the upcoming EAV model line. 

“We’re very excited to be working with Revonte and to be able to use the ONE Drive System on both the EAVan and the EAVcab.” said Adam Barmby, Founder of EAV.  “In fact, we’ll be using the ONE Drive System for all our EAV vehicles which includes the new HG-EAV.  The Revonte ONE Drive System is the most advanced smart drive system to feature on eBikes and provides key features which, when included as part of EAV vehicles, will continue to transform the urban transport landscape and provide the best immediate and future solution to both environmental and congestion pollution with no loss of efficiency to operators”. 

Close Cooperation 

Revonte will be working closely with EAV to customize the software to match the demands of the new line of cargo e-bikes. The highly customizable nature has been a priority since the inception of the Revonte ONE Drive System to meet the varied and demanding needs of the ever-growing e-bike market. 

Collaboration with EAV is an exciting opportunity for both companies, which will change how electrically-assisted cargo bikes are used and thought of in global logistics.

Photo materials of the Revonte ONE Drive System can be found in our mediakit.

Revonte Press contact, English:

Otto Chrons, CEO, [email protected]

+358 50 359 1401

Revonte Press contact, German:

Uwe Daniel, VP of Sales, [email protected]

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EAV Executive Chairman & Communications

Nigel R Gordon-Stewart, [email protected]

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