Revonte Announces First Wave of E-Bike Manufacturers to Use the Revonte ONE Drive System


Revonte is developing a new drive system for e-bikes with unprecedented properties and ride qualities. The powerful drive unit has an integrated stepless and automatic transmission, and allows very high degree of configurability to the extent that one drive unit model can be used in all types of bikes – hence the name, Revonte ONE Drive System.

Revonte Early Access Program

After a very successful Eurobike debut in 2019, Revonte has continued development to get the production up and running to bring Revonte ONE Drive System to the market in 2020.

Revonte Early Access Program brings some of the most forward-thinking e-bike companies together with Revonte to co-develop the first wave of next generation e-bikes. These partners understand the value of the Revonte ONE Drive System and are able to build e-bikes to utilize its full potential.

The following partner companies will be releasing e-bike models with the Revonte ONE Drive System during 2020:

Tunturi is a Finnish bike company with long traditions since 1922 and is part of the Accell Group. Tunturi is recognized as the best quality brand amongst Finnish consumers and is growing aggressively in the Nordics.

“We are excited to be working with Revonte. The drive system is lightyears ahead of the game. Its advanced features in “one package” gives us the competitive edge we are looking for and for consumers unheard possibility to customize their bike’s features. High customizability of the Revonte ONE system allows us to deliver exactly the kind of riding experience the users want. End user mobile application with its numerous features really takes our e-bikes to the next level.” – Riku-Pekka Mikkonen, Head of Sales at Tunturi.

Lavelle bikes hails from the UK with a futuristic design and the features to match it. Focused on high-end urban e-bikes with a premium riding experience creates an excellent match with a lot of synergy.

“It is clear the only sensible place to position e-bike gears is by combining them with the motor. Gears and motor are then controlled by the same electronics and removing gears from the wheel simplifies its attachment at the rear end of the bike. We have designed a new model – the Lavelle P2R – specifically for the Revote ONE system and it has allowed us as designers to sculpt a radical single sided bike while still maintaining a wide range fully automatic gear system. We are excited to launch this bike which offers a super comfortable riding position paired with a beautiful and simple design.” – Paul Lavelle, Founder of Lavelle Bikes.

Our third partnership is with the industry veteran Rolf Singenberger (RS Development) designing innovative e-bikes. Before setting up his own consulting company, Rolf was the head of R&D and Product management at BMC, creating world-class bikes for the brand.

“To differentiate in the growing e-bike market, having great e-bike design is not enough anymore. While other drive systems feel exactly the same on different bikes, Revonte ONE can really be customized by the bike designer to deliver unique riding characteristics. Having all those features in a very compact form factor is fantastic for a bike designer, as it gives a lot of freedom.” – Rolf Singenberger, CEO of RS Development.

Success via Cooperation

Working closely with customers is an integral part of Revonte’s DNA. “While we are the experts in building advanced e-bike drive systems, we really need to listen to our customers to deliver solutions that enable them to design great e-bikes”, says Otto Chrons, CEO and co-founder of Revonte. “The Early Access Program is our way of bringing industry knowledge into our product development, to ensure that our system matches and even exceeds the expectations of the customers. With the right partners we are able to move much faster and push the whole industry forward.” he concludes.

Founded in 2018, Revonte set out to shake the stagnated e-bike industry with products built with high performance, customization and openness in the main focus. 

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Lavelle P2R with Revonte ONE – moving transmission from rear wheel to motor opens up new design opportunities.

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