Presenting Revonte ONE


Revonte ONE brings integrated automatic transmission and full customizability to e-bike manufacturers. A full drive system with a drive unit, controller, battery and a mobile app allows the industry to build next generation smart e-bikes with integrated services like theft protection easily.

Revonte is launching a groundbreaking drive system for e-bikes. The Revonte ONE drive system introduces a whole new way for building smart e-bikes. Revonte ONE Drive Unit has integrated stepless, automatic transmission that removes the need for a derailleur. Extensive customization options allow e-bike manufacturers to tune their bikes to unprecedented degree and freedom.

Revonte ONE System

ONE is a holistic system that entails all the necessary components for creating e-bikes with unparalleled performance and user-experience. The main benefits of the Revonte ONE system are:

  • Automatic and stepless transmission.
  • Same drive system can be used in all types of bikes.
  • Highly configurable via software.
Drive system

Revonte ONE Drive Unit

The Drive Unit is the mechanical powerhouse of the ONE system. Based on time-tested and cunning mechanical design, it offers a wide gear range with automatic and stepless shifting – an unprecedented feature in the world of e-bikes. Only one chainring and cog are needed for power transmission, making the traditional derailleur and cassette design obsolete.

The brawn of the drive unit is matched with an equal amount of brain. On top of being a feat of mechanical engineering, the system integrates 4G, Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS connectivity right into the drive unit.

Revonte ONE App

Our mobile app is the gateway between the rider and the drive system. With the application end users can customize their bike functionality, for example switching between fully automatic and semi-auto transmission. If your bike gets stolen, you’ll get an alert on the app and can track the location of the bike and disable the drive system remotely.

Every one of your rides is automatically recorded by the drive unit and you can view your past rides easily in the application. Sharing your rides to your favorite social media is also possible.

Revonte ONE Controller

The ONE Controller is the user interface between the rider and the machine, i.e. the drive unit. The user interface and tactile feel related to it are oftentimes the most important factors when it comes to the ride experience. We wanted to get it right from the get-go, so we built our own. The end-result is ergonomic, elegant and almost minimalistic – all adjectives that reflect our design goals.

Switch gears, assistance and drive modes using the ergonomic triggers and buttons. Configure the buttons to your liking in our app.


Press contact, English:
Otto Chrons, CEO, [email protected]
+358 50 359 1401

Press contact, German:
Uwe Daniel, VP of Sales, [email protected]
+49 151 44869739