Are you looking for challenges that make a difference? At Revonte we build next generation solutions for e-bikes to revolutionize urban transportation. Check out the roles below and send your application to [email protected]

Full Stack Developer

Join our experienced software team developing backend services for e-bikes and our mobile apps. We appreciate people with a passion towards great code and who are ready to take responsibility and learn new things.

Our full tech stack includes code written in Scala (FP style), Rust, Dart and C++ (embedded).


  • Excellent skills in (functional) Scala and databases
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure (AWS, Docker) and micro-services
  • Experience developing web front-end applications (eg. React)
  • Ability to build end-to-end solutions

Location: Tampere, Finland

Embedded Software Developer

Our Revonte ONE drive unit runs on an embedded Linux board with lots of sensors and connectivity modules. It’s not really a traditional, limited embedded microcontroller environment, but a full blown computer running inside the motor. It features a Secure Boot environment and supports OTA updates.

We’re looking for a developer with experience in low-level Linux development and an interest towards building secure and reliable embedded systems.


  • Excellent skills in Linux development (kernel, device drivers, file systems, bootloaders, etc)
  • Understanding of connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G, GPS, CAN bus, serial UART)
  • Experience with large C/C++ code bases
  • Ability to debug and test embedded systems

Location: Tampere, Finland

Mechanical Engineer

Are you an enthusiastic product developer or a mechanical engineer with some work experience and curious for new technologies? We are looking for a new member in our mechanical engineering team who has sufficient knowledge in the areas of industrialization of mechanical components as well advance knowledge in the area of electrical motor design to support us to take our product into production.

Your daily task would include designing different production and testing equipment, industrialization of motor components and working with the prototype engines in close cooperation with the rest of our product development team. Furthermore you will act as a design development consultant for various components and participate in design reviews. This is a position where you can share your expertise with the team to take over further responsibilities in the product development.

Experience in working with your hands and tinkering with cars, motorcycles or mopeds, and any knowledge and experience of working with electronics is considered a plus.


  • Some relevant work experience
  • Problem-solving, independent and active work attitude
  • Experience in 3D modelling software (preference Inventor)
  • Fluent in English

Location: Tampere or Helsinki, Finland