About us

Revonte was founded in 2018 with a mission to take e-bikes to the next level by providing the best-in-class drive system with an incredible user experience. Instead of making an e-bike of our own, we decided to create a solution for e-bike manufacturers that allows them to build superior e-bikes in all categories from mountain bikes to trekking bikes to designer city bikes.

Although we make a great hardware product, our core is in software. With this software-first approach we can deliver a unique user experience that only gets better over time. Our focus is in making every single ride a fun, enjoyable and invigorating experience for the user!


The founders of Revonte were involved with e-bikes for several years and started asking themselves, why are all the e-bike drive systems so static and inflexible? The whole industry seemed to be stagnating, offering only marginal improvements year over year. What if the product could be much more like software than hardware, offering infinite flexibility?

By summer 2018 the team had three members, talking and visiting e-bike manufacturers all over Europe to find our what were the biggest pain points for them. Not surprisingly the complex transmission system was identified as the major source of problems, both were riders and manufacturers. What if the transmission could be automatic and fully integrated with the motor?

With these core concepts validated with real customers, the development work was started on the Revonte ONE drive system in the autumn of 2018. With the help of external funding the team quickly grew with more seasoned professionals in mechanics, software, production management, graphical design, sales and marketing. By end of summer 2019 Revonte ONE was ready to be publicly released to the world.