Can you remember what intense excitement feels like? A tingling flash, feeling that spreads all the way to the toes. A buzz of the new, the thrill of the unknown, the endless seeking of adventures to push the limits… This is the recipe of Revonte. Originated from the ingredients of the free spirit.

Revonte is not your typical e-biking company. We’re a biker gang (in the light-weight series) dipped in pro business sauce, disrupting the way this industry works. It’s our extreme passion for biking and a dose of start-up anarchy that drive us to supercharge the e-bike life; seize opportunities, take risks, choose action over stagnation.

We don’t get stuck on one business model, we want to set an example of an agile, tailorable offering. And we root for the team. Always. We believe in flat company structures and transparency in everything. We’re never gonna do things the easy way – we do them our way.

And while we’re at it, we’re also gonna try and save the planet. Sounds grand? Well, why not. Just think about it; what if you didn’t have to sacrifice anything to be ecofriendly? What if tomorrow, all the people would choose a bike over car? Sure, it’s still a dream, but we’re getting there, one two-wheeler at a time. Offering all rebel hearts a little taste of freedom, sharing the ride – and creating excitement.

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Are you looking for challenges that make a difference? At Revonte we build next generation solutions for e-bikes to revolutionize urban transportation. Check out the roles below and send your application to [email protected]

Tampere, Finland

Tampere, Finland

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Stop the Press!

Revonte Customer and Investor Event

Revonte is inviting bike manufacturers and investors to meet and test their new Revonte ONE system.

“After our highly successful first demo tour in December with some of the big bike players in the market, this is now the perfect test opportunity for all the interested bike brands looking to build next generation e-bikes with our motor technology”, says Revonte’s CEO Otto Chrons.

Revonte opens a German subsidiary and expands its sales team

With the founding of Revonte Germany GmbH, the Finnish manufacturer of intelligent e-bike drive systems expands its market presence within Europe. Mr. Uwe Daniel, Vice President of Sales at Revonte, will be the CEO of the subsidiary. Sales and support operations will be at the focus of this new company, serving the many customers in the central Europe region.

Revonte AKKU- the most flexible e-bike battery

Developed in cooperation with E-bike Vision, the two batteries Revonte AKKU 5 and AKKU 7 provide the most versatile battery solution for e-bike manufacturers. Available in two capacities, 530Wh and 705Wh, both AKKUs share the same housing, allowing OEM partners to easily design their products in the desired specs and price points.

Revonte ONE Drive System to Power EAV Cargo Bikes

“We’re very excited to be working with Revonte and to be able to use the ONE Drive System on both the EAVan and the EAVcab.” said Adam Barmby, Founder of EAV.

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For print ready images, logos and other material, please visit revonte.com/mediakit.

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