Revonte in Eurobike 2022

Eurobike is the premier show that connects professionals in the bicycle industry across the globe! The 2022 edition was a special one for several reasons, one of them being that for the very first time the show was held in Frankfurt. We took part, of course. Read further to see what went down during the show, and what’s to come!

A Strong Presence

We had a booth booked in Hall 8 which turned out to be the central location when it came to e-bike drive system manufacturers. On top of that, numerous manufacturers specializing in batteries, remote controllers as well as full e-bikes had their booths located in the very same hall. 

Besides having a stand showcasing our drive system, and bikes from our close partners we also sported an outside booth conveniently located along the test ride route. The booth acted as the base of our test bike fleet. 

In Partnership

Just as in the previous years, the Eurobike Show was a joint venture. We had bikes on display from our partners such as Lavelle bikes, the Italian powerhouse MV Agusta, and Ouca bikes – a new and rapidly growing cargo e-bike manufacturer from Finland.

Every single one of the bikes on our stand could have been the guiding star of the show! The P2 from Lavelle bikes with its futuristic design and immaculate carbon craftsmanship had eyes locked into it throughout the week. The very same can be said about the courageous and stealth-looking gravel ebike from the prestigious Italian motorbike manufacturer MV Agusta. It is worth noting that both these bikes employed a single-sided asymmetric rear triangle and a Gates carbon belt drive. 

Last, but certainly not least was the Ouca Transport cargo e-bike with its distinctive, but first of all practical design. Ouca Bikes have designed its lineup for heavy-duty use while still maintaining the light, and even effortless ride feel. “Smooth, strong, stable”, as it says on the label! 

What’s Been Said?

Below you can find some Eurobike coverage.

EUROBIKE HIGHLIGHT REVONTE ONE: Mittelmotor mit stufenlosem Automatikgetriebe – 3 Companies Making E-Bike Drive Units In Europe – Eurobike 2022– Revonte One Motor and Auto Transmission Starts Partner Scale Up – Revonte: Serienproduktion startet 2023 in Deutschland durch

And last but not least, is the splendid Lego version showcasing the inner workings of the Revonte ONE Drive Unit that was on display at Eurobike! – Revonte Feed

Looking Forward

Meetings were had, new acquaintances made, exciting plans drawn, and plenty of test ride kilometres ridden! The feedback from test rides was overwhelmingly positive, and more often than not, the riders who swung their leg over one of our test bikes were impressed. This is a testament that’s been said for a while now; the ride experience provided by the Revonte ONE Drive System needs to be experienced first-hand. 

Most importantly, the feedback was the same no matter what type of bike was ridden. The Ouca Bikes test bike received just as good if not better feedback – some of it from very notable players in the field of cargo e-bikes. 

The Eurobike 2022 was a big success for us on all fronts! Thanks to the partnership with hGears we are able to ramp up full-scale production soon and start delivering drive systems to our partners. 

Stay tuned for more. Big things are in the works.

2021 in Review

Time flies as they say. This is especially true when developing an innovative product such as the Revonte ONE Drive System. A brief summary was in order to bring 2021 to closure, Read further to learn what happened, and even more importantly, what’s going to happen in 2022! 

Development and Testing

It goes without saying that 2021 was extremely dense and condensed when it comes to developing, and refining the Revonte ONE Drive System further, and further. Testing the results of the development work, whether it be hardware or software related, was another side of the coin that produced nearly an equal workload than the development itself. All this is done to ensure the unprecedented ride experience and performance when the Revonte ONE Drive system is released to the market.

Suffice to say, the global economic environment did not make things easier with continuously growing lead times, components, and material shortages. We did navigate the challenging circumstances well, but it did not come without a considerable amount of work in the back end. 

The advent of Cargo e-bikes

We’ve said it previously, but it is worth repeating: cargo e-bikes are going to form a big part of the e-bike market in the future. The utility value of an e-bike that can carry a decent payload can hardly be overstated, in commercial as well as in personal settings.

We’ve partnered with EAV which is the leading company on this front with its forward-thinking approach to design and ability. We are especially excited for the future developments in this field and will keep the collaboration as strong as ever. 

Media Presence

We’ve been pleased to see that features about us have appeared in the cycling media throughout the year. One very notable landmark in the media coverage category was an article published in the prestigious Forbes magazine that got published in April of 2021. 

While we are at it and speaking of media coverage, head to to see the full list of news and media coverage that’s been published to this date! 

For the technically-minded and curious, we also lifted the curtain of secrecy by presenting a video showing how the Revone ONE Drive Unit works. 


Eurobike is the premier annual event for the bicycle industry. The 2020 edition got cancelled because of the global pandemic, but fortunately, a year later, the show was back in nearly full swing – and, of course, we were there.

The show was a success by all metrics. Media presence and exposure were gained, interesting discussions were had, and important negotiations were made. Without an exception, every visitor on our stand was excited and impressed about the automatic & stepless transmission found on the Revonte ONE Drive System. 

E-bikes equipped with the Revonte ONE Drive System are a category-breaker and will change how e-bikes are ridden and even thought of. 

Moving Forward!

This year will be exciting, and a decisive time period in many ways. The demand for e-bikes is higher than ever and just keeps increasing. The demand for a new drive system and drivetrain technology that is user-friendly, low maintenance, and easy to use is up there as well. We are going to answer that call.

Stay tuned for future news. Big things are coming up in 2022!

Video: Revonte at Eurobike 2021

Head to your YouTube channel to see what happened at the Eurobike 2021 edition!

Our technical sales manager Leon outlines the Revonte ONE Drive System and how it’s integrated into bikes with very different applications.

P2 from our partner Lavelle bikes is an e-bike designed for commuting with a futuristic design and state-of-the-art carbon chassis.

The EAV 2Cubed on the other hand is the class-leading vehicle in the cargo e-bike segment. The Revonte ONE Drive System is not only the smartest drive system out there but also the most versatile one.

Watch to see what was on display on our booth and subscribe to your YouTube channel to stay up to date on new video releases!

Eurobike Wrap-up

To summarize the Eurobike 2021 coverage, some of the notable stories and videos are listed below. Click the links to see what the most notable media outlets have to say about the Revonte ONE Drive System! – The Future Of E-Bike Motors? New EMTB Motor Tech | Eurobike 2021 Day 3 – First Ride: Revonte ONE auf der Eurobike 2021 – News Eurobike 2021 – The 13 ebike highlights in the urban mobility sector

Eurobike 2021 Wrap-Up and Moving Forward

Eurobike is the premier annual show which showcases the new products for the upcoming year as well as showcasing new technologies and developments which are about to be employed in the market in the near future. In short, the annual show organized in Friedrichschafen Germany shows who’s who by calling every major player to show their hand for the upcoming year. 

Making an Impact

Eurobike was a big midterm goal for us. First, we wanted to present all the hard work and development that has gone into the Revonte ONE Drive System since our last appearance in the show in 2019. Back then, we did not have a rideable prototype with us – something that was going to change for 2021. 

The testing and development have been ongoing and even fierce. At any given time we’ve had rideable prototypes around the office, but we wanted to make sure that the version that was coming with us to Eurobike would be pristine in its performance. The current supply chain issues and material shortages have not played any favours on this front, but we made it happen. 

It goes without saying that there was no shortage in demand when it came to test ride slots. There were almost no idle moments when the bike was on the move, whether ridden by our future potential customers or media personnel.

In Partnership

We partnered with our longtime collaborators EAV and Lavelle bikes to have a strong presence in the show. Our booth stood out with its central location, ample footprint, and timeless black and white color theme. The bikes from EAV and Lavelle were the icing on the cake, displaying the versatility of the Revonte ONE Drive System. 

The futuristic and highly refined model from Lavelle Bikes was an eye-catcher to say the least. The shapes and highly engineered carbon lay-ups of the frame are a work of art by themselves as is the asymmetrical design which is enabled by the Revonte ONE Drive System.

The EAV 2Cubed cargo e-bike had just as strong of a stand in the show. Leo from EAV had no dull moment during the entire four days of the show in describing the features of the vehicle and the design philosophy behind it. 

Moving Forward

Eurobike produced more than anticipated interest towards the Revonte ONE Drive System. When it comes to e-bike drive systems, combining the motor and the transmission all in one enclosed unit is the way of the future, and has been our solution from the start.

Currently, we are finalizing the mechanical design, testing, and stress-proofing the production methods and moving into the production phase in 2022. The start will be done on a smaller scale to ensure the highest level of quality control. Once the production processes have been verified and thoroughly tested, we’ll be moving into mass production in the 2nd stage. 

Bikes equipped with the Revonte ONE Drive System will be available in 2022. If you want to be among the first lucky ones enjoying the automatic & stepless operation of our drive system, stay tuned for future updates on specific bike models.

What does the Media say?

Media coverage is an essential part of the Eurobike show. Below you can find some of the most notable media outlets covering the Revonte ONE Drive System.

Click the links below to see EMBN, Pedelec & E-bikes magazine, and channel had to say about the Revonte ONE and our partners! – The Future Of E-Bike Motors? New EMTB Motor Tech | Eurobike 2021 Day 3
When it comes to e-bikes – and especially e-mtb’s – the site and YouTube channel are the platforms to watch! We had the honor to have a visit by the legendary rider and reporter Steve Jones the first thing when the show started. To get Mr. Jones’ take on our drive system and the future of e-mtb’s watch the video below! – First Ride: Revonte ONE auf der Eurobike 2021

In case your German language skills are a bit out of touch, a translated version provided by Google can be read here. A summary of the test ride is found below.

“The full assistance mode topped it off so that there was an abundance of power available! You notice this when you accelerate quickly, which happens still really quietly. Only the gear changes were a bit rougher, but this will be brought to an optimal level in the course of the development of Revonte.

Overall, the system has already made a good impression on us and we can expect a unique drive system for the series variant, which does not have any susceptible derailleur gears.”

This Instagram channel is for the connoisseurs of the bike industry. The feed focuses almost exclusively on products that are manufactured inside the EU – criteria we are proud to fulfill! The post describes nicely the frames of Lavelle Bikes which are made in Spain and of course the Revonte ONE Drive System which is engineered in Finland. 

Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.

Henkilön The European Bike Project TEBP ( jakama julkaisu

Eyes on the Taichung Bike Week

There are two big annual events in the cycling industry that are relevant for the industry people: Eurobike and Taichung Bike Week. As you probably and hopefully know already, the launch of the Revonte ONE Drive System in Eurobike was a big success for us. As a reference, we were listed as one of the highlights of the show by

And for me, I think two of the highlights are definitely the Everysight eyewear from Israel. You can see your heart rate, your cadence and all sort of things.

Plus, Revonte from Finland! Which is the combined motor and gearbox with 90Nm. As I mentioned, you can run it on automatic or configure it to your own settings.

Eurobike Summary in Short

We reached our goal in Eurobike when it came to launching the Revonte ONE Drive System and attracting the wanted attention from the media and industry. people. Customer relationships were established, negotiations were held, hands were shook, photos were taken and videos were shot. 

Some of the people visiting Eurobike had already heard of us – which was a nice thing to learn – but at least as many people were surprised when they learned about the Revonte ONE Drive System and most of all, the benefits and features it offers in the form automatic & stepless transmission and high degree of configurability.

Please refer to the Media site to read more what the industry media has written about us.

What has happened after Eurobike?

There’s a 6-week period between Eurobike and the upcoming Taichung Bike Week. What has and will happen in between?

First of all, the development and testing work has been constant. Motors have been running on the test-bench nearly 24/7 and the only pauses have been allowed when the test data has been analysed. Besides that, internal real-world testing has continued, i.e. bikes have been ridden out in the wild. 

On the software side of things, the development has been swift. It goes almost without saying that refining the code that controls the motor behaviour and ride characteristics have been our top priority. Besides that, plenty of work has gone into our app to the extent that we will have our first dedicated and customer-specific versions of the app ready for Taichung. As you learned from the post about the configurability of the Revonte ONE Drive System, the software and user-interface can be customized for every bike manufacturer who employs our system. 

And most importantly, some very happy news! Our staff has once again expanded in the form of adding two more highly skilled and passionate people to the ever-growing Revonte team! Stay tuned to for full staff introduction later. 

In Taichung

Taichung is different than Eurobike, since we don’t expect that too many visitors have heard about us; different geographical area, different people. Also, compared to the long-standing industry players we are not recognized in the field – yet. Be sure though that it is about to change. 

Our goals in Taichung is to strengthen our position in the field, make our presence known and, tie new relationships with industry people and potential new customers. Taichung Bike Week is the time and place for locking the component specs for the latter part upcoming model year and beyond that. After Taichung, we will know who are the early-adopters and trailblazers in making e-bikes smart by using Revonte ONE Drive System!

If you’re around in Taichung between 16-18th of October, visit our booth 1510 in the Splendor Hotel.