Pässilä Bicycles and Revonte Lead the Way in the EMTB Category

If you’ve been following our social media feeds, you surely have seen photos of the eye-catching Pässilä Bicycles EMTB prototype. The bike is very special in more than one way, and we’re quite confident in saying that it’s showing the direction the whole industry is moving in the near future.

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A New Take

Pässilä Bicycles hails from Finland and has quickly established its position in the market with its titanium frames. In addition to offering frames made of highly-sought after material, they are surfing on top of the wave when it comes to geometry and general design. 

The Revonte ONE Drive System is the most versatile e-bike drive system in the market with its capability to cater for the needs of all types of e-bikes, from a commuter to heavy-duty cargo e-bikes. Partnering up with Pässilä Bicycles provided an opportunity to fine-tune our system for the unique needs posed by modern EMTB riding. 

Unique Design

The sleek, and fast-looking silhouette of the Pässilä Bicycles X Revonte ONE bike turns heads wherever it goes. The classic look given by the sleek, but still supremely strong titanium tubing combined with the Revonte ONE Drive System with its simple & robust single-speed drivetrain creates a combination that the bicycle world hasn’t yet seen. 

Looks are one thing – and an important one – but ride qualities and handling are what matter the most when tires hit the trail. Pässilä Bicycles have been at the forefront of modern mountain bike geometry, and the prototype seen here follows the design philosophy; stable at speed, but still easy to manoeuvre. These factors combined with the low-maintenance drivetrain create a bike that’s fun to ride – possibly more fun than anything else out there! 

Besides modern frame geometry, the has been kitted with unique features that make the setup and use a breeze. Adjustable dropouts, compatibility with chain or belt drive, ample battery size and easy access are just some of the more apparent design considerations.   

Ride Experience Like No Other

The automatic & stepless gearing found in the Revonte ONE Drive System comes to full fruition when hitting the trails! The simplicity of being in the “right” gear all the time without the need for frequent shifter use is liberating, to say the least! When coupled with modern frame geometry, and the lively ride feel that titanium frames are known for, the ride experience is like no other! 

Moving the gears from the rear wheel around the bottom bracket improves handling significantly. Since the motor and the gears reside inside the same housing, the added mass is located in the best place possible; low and centred. Thanks to this, the bike is easier to manoeuvre, but still more stable in speed! An added benefit in running a robust single-speed drivetrain is the sound – or the lack of it to be more exact. Thanks to the simple drivetrain arrangement, no mechanism is needed to keep the chain or the belt under proper tension, making chain slap and all types of rattling sounds just an unpleasant memory. 

Ease of use, simplicity, weight distribution and pure performance are the factors that set the Pässilä Bicycles prototype – powered by the Revonte ONE Drive System – ahead of the competition. 


When And for How Much? 

What about the most pressing questions pressing – when the bike is going to be available, and for how much? 

Currently, the prototype model is being tested thoroughly to ensure longevity while looking at even the smallest details that can be improved upon. In other words, the development is ongoing, and the design is being solidified bit by bit.

If you want to be the first to join the party when it comes to automatic & stepless transmission and EMTB riding, contact Pässilä Bicycles for further information. In turn, we are more than happy to help with all drive system related questions.

The Freedom of Design – Revonte ONE for E-Bike Manufacturers

Highly positive is an understatement when describing the reception of the Revonte ONE Drive System by the current market. The automatic & stepless transmission, and highly capable drive unit create a ride experience that needs to be felt first-hand. Another, but till now barely discussed, strongpoint of the Revonte ONE is the freedom of frame design for bike manufacturers and OEM’s. 

And that’s the topic of this article.

One Hardware for Every E-Bike

Versatility was one of the design goals when setting out designing the Revonte ONE. In practical and very brief terms this means that one hardware – meaning the Revonte ONE Drive Unit – can be used in all types of e-bikes ranging from lightweight commuters to heavy-duty cargo e-bikes. This is achieved with ingenious mechanical design found inside the drive unit, as well as the high level of configurability our software provides. 

For product designers, this is very welcomed news since one type of motor interface can be used throughout the lineup. Product managers are another happy group of people since only one drive unit type needs to be ordered and kept in stock to cater for the needs of the whole e-bike portfolio. The same goes for the other components in the drive system such as the battery, and the handlebar controller.

Mounting the Motor

The Revonte ONE Drive Unit employs a dedicated motor mount. When it comes to performance metrics, the drive unit is highly capable, to the extent that it can meet the demands of professional heavy-duty cargo e-bike use. The motor mount was designed accordingly to withstand the loads and stresses caused by the respectable output that the drive unit can give out. 

The motor mount is an open mold design, and the dimensions and all the relevant information is shared freely with our partners. If you are an e-bike manufacturer interested in using the most advanced e-bike drive system around, get in touch at [email protected] 

The theme of versatility, and configurability continues in motor placement. Unlike some other models in the market, the Revonte ONE Drive Unit can be placed in any orientation desired! Want to have the motor tilted to 30° or even 75°? Not an issue. This particular design freedom might be of a high value in cargo e-bikes in which the frame designs are all but set, and the development is ongoing. In addition to this e-bike category, the freedom of design enables innovative, and even futuristic designs such as the P2 by our partner Lavelle bikes. 

Plenty of Battery Life

An e-bike drive system would not be complete without a proper battery – that’s where the Revonte AKKU comes into play! We collaborated with Akkuvision GmbH, to create a top of the line battery using the latest Li-Ion technology to offer a complete, and ready-to-implement, e-bike drive system solution. 

Revonte AKKU is not just some e-bike battery. Offered in 540Wh, and 720Wh capacities with identical form factors, it meets the demands and price points in nearly all cases imaginable. In addition, not only two, or three, but four(!) batteries can be connected in parallel, thus giving an unheard of battery capacity of 2.8kWh!

Easy to Design, Easy to Use

The Revonte ONE Drive System provides an unparalleled ride experience. Easy-to-use, fun, and engaging – just pedal and the carefully honed assistance software will take care of the rest. The ease of use and the amount of “boost” available from the drive unit caters for riders of all ages and abilities. The Revonte ONE Drive System will change how e-bikes are used and thought of.

The same design ethos reaches all the way to the design table of our partners. At every step, we’ve made sure that integrating our drive system into any type of e-bike is not only possible but as simple as it can be. Configuring the ride profiles will provide the finishing touches.