Fresh ideas about e-biking

Where are e-bikes going? How about other transportation means? Or what does the internet of things mean in the context of light electric vehicles? In our blog, you can find our opinions about these matters.

Revonte in Eurobike 2022

Eurobike is the premier show that connects professionals in the bicycle industry across the globe! The 2022 edition was a special one for several reasons, one of them being that for the very first time the show was held in Frankfurt. We took part, of course. Read further to see what went down during the…

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2021 in Review

Time flies as they say. This is especially true when developing an innovative product such as the Revonte ONE Drive System. A brief summary was in order to bring 2021 to closure, Read further to learn what happened, and even more importantly, what’s going to happen in 2022!  Development and Testing It goes without saying…

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The development of e-bike technology is happening fast, and not in a linear fashion. Even though forecasting is difficult, especially when it comes to predicting future events, we are very confident that the Revonte ONE Drive System will stand the test of time for many years to come. Read further to learn why that is.…

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More than Just Bikes – Why E-bikes with the Revonte ONE Drive System Are a Category Breaker

E-bike sales have rocketed during the past years which in turn is clearly reflected in the scenes of some of the biggest cities in the world, especially in Europe. E-bikes have quickly arisen to the position of a default vehicle for a variety of types of use. Read further why e-bikes are more than just…

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On Testing

When it comes to developing a high-end product with a wide spectrum of features that combines technologies from a variety of fields like in the Revonte ONE Drive System, testing is paramount. In this article, we’ll provide an insight into what goes into developing and testing the smartest e-bike drive system out there. Multiple Phases…

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Video: Revonte at Eurobike 2021

Head to your YouTube channel to see what happened at the Eurobike 2021 edition! Our technical sales manager Leon outlines the Revonte ONE Drive System and how it’s integrated into bikes with very different applications. P2 from our partner Lavelle bikes is an e-bike designed for commuting with a futuristic design and state-of-the-art carbon…

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