Where are e-bikes going? How about other transportation means? Or what does the internet of things mean in the context of light electric vehicles? In our blog, you can find our opinions about these matters.

  • Revonte in Taichung - The Taichung Bike Week and Eurobike form the big duo of events as far as the bicycle industry is concerned. To describe the nature of the events, Eurobike is the place to show what you have and Taichung is where agreements are written and hands shook. After the very successful launch of the Revonte ONE […]
  • Eyes on the Taichung Bike Week - There are two big annual events in the cycling industry that are relevant for the industry people: Eurobike and Taichung Bike Week. As you probably and hopefully know already, the launch of the Revonte ONE Drive System in Eurobike was a big success for us. As a reference, we were listed as one of the highlights […]
  • Eurobike 2019: Launch of the Revonte ONE Drive System - Eurobike took place in the first week of September in Friedrichshafen, Germany. It’s the event where the whole bike world gets together to show their latest products and visions. As usual with every major expo, plenty of gadgets and inventions with questionable utility can be found as well. To put it shortly, Eurobike was big […]
  • Revonte Drive System Offers the Highest Level of Configuration - The Revonte Drive System development has had two distinct phases: hardware and software. Most importantly, they form a unit that works harmoniously together in a way which is unprecedented in the e-bike market. First of all, the mechanical structure of our motor is simple and ingenious in its own right and when the broad scale […]
  • Automatic Transmission is the Future of E-bike Drivetrains - If you are visiting our site for the very first time, our drive system and the principles behind it aren’t most likely familiar to you. The Revonte Drive system is based on integrated automatic transmission – a technology which has been used in a wide range of industrial applications. In the car manufacturing world heavy […]
  • Optimizing the motor and the CVT - Hi there – nice to have you reading this! My name is Dr. Antti Lehikoinen (just Antti will do), and I’m working as a special advisor for Revonte. This post will take you through what our team has spent the last few weeks on – optimizing the Revonte drivetrain. It’ll cover the benefits and workings […]
  • We are now Revonte - Revonte is creating a revolution in the e-bike technology Freedom to innovate remains the heritage along our journey to make better e-bikes. Our new name underlines the evident new digital era movement in the e-bike industry. We are not happy to make small steps and call them innovations. We are one of the drivers of […]
  • Future of e-mobility - Eurobike 2018 Eurobike is now behind us, and slowly all the aftermath is done. It’s great to notice the ever-increasing interest on e-bikes and the effort manufacturers put into them. The whole industry seems to be moving forward and is slowly transforming from traditional bike manufacturing towards e-bikes with all the new possibilities. Innovations keep […]