Fresh ideas about e-biking

Where are e-bikes going? How about other transportation means? Or what does the internet of things mean in the context of light electric vehicles? In our blog, you can find our opinions about these matters.

Lessons from the Industry

The bicycle drivetrain started as a direct mount application where the pedals were attached directly to the hub. The use of a chain in the form of a single-speed drivetrain was the next phase of evolution. The possibility of changing gears rapidly while riding followed next with the aid of a derailleur. This is the…

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Revonte in Forbes Magazine

It’s not an everyday occurrence that e-bikes make the headlines in the biggest media outlets. When it comes to well-known and established publications, the Forbes magazine needs no introduction. For that reason we are especially excited to share the story which was written about us and our partner EAV. Click the link below to read…

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2020 – A Year in Review

It can be said without any hesitation that the year 2020 was full of surprises, rapidly changing situations, stretched deadlines, and general disarray. We kept our head low, concentrated on the tasks at hand, and continued developing the Revonte ONE Drive System for the upcoming launch in 2021.  Here’s a summary of what happened during…

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The Bicycle Drivetrain – How Would It Look like If It Were Simple?

“How would this look like if it were simple?”  This is a basic question used in engineering which might spark much needed new approaches to the otherwise plateaued design process. When the question is applied to bicycle drivetrain, some interesting observations can be made, and difficult questions asked. If It Was Simple? When posing the…

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