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16.10.-18.10.2019 - Booth: Splendor Hotel No. 1510

Revonte ONE - the smart drive system

Remember how easy and fun riding a bike as a kid was? With the Revonte ONE drive system you can experience that effortless pleasure again, packaged in a compact, beautiful design. E-bikes with Revonte ONE are not only fun to ride, but also smart and connected to your digital life.

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Look ma, no gears!

Focus on riding while our fully automatic stepless transmission effortlessly takes you over hills, and through varying traffic conditions. Enjoy the clean design and reliability of a simplified drivetrain and configure the transmission to your liking using our mobile application.

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Customizable riding experience

We all use our e-bikes for varying rides from city commuting to forest trails. What if you could configure your bike dynamically for different riding conditions? With Revonte ONE you can. Manufacturers have access to unprecedented customization options and end users can further adjust the bike settings.

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The app

All e-bikes should come with a comprehensive mobile application. How else would you configure your bike behavior, get theft alerts and track bike location, monitor the health of your bike or view the stats of every ride you've ever done, right? Naturally customizable to your brand. Oh, and open APIs of course!

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