Revonte ONE – designed for fun

Remember how easy and fun riding a bike as a kid was? Let our e-bike drive system take the burden away and make riding fun again.

Look ma, no gears!

Just kick back, while our fully automatic transmission takes you along. Simple, reliable and elegant.

Riding experience tailor-made

What if you could configure your bike dynamically for different riding conditions? What if you could design the bike to perform like you want?

“Revonte ONE is the most advanced smart drive system for e-bikes and provides key features for our EAV vehicles.

Adam Barnby, Founder


Building Blocks for Fun

Automatic Transmission

Simplicity of riding distilled.


Single hardware, software customized for different bikes and users.


Always connected, always with you.

Theft Protection

Remotely track and immobilize.


Robust and reliable to keep you moving.

Mobile mobility
Mobile mobility

All your ride data at your fingertips.

Wanna design an e-bike with Revonte ONE?

Thumb driven design

Focus on riding, with everything you need right at your right thumb, right? Fully haptic control of the transmission and motor performance let you keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Revonte ONE is all about the user experience. Whether it’s the powerful motor with integrated transmission, the ergonomic handlebar controller or the app to bring the e-bike as part of your digital life, it has all been designed to deliver a holistic and modern mobility solution.


Digital revolution

E-bike should be more than just a bike with a motor! Revonte application for iOS and Android is an integral part of the Revonte ONE experience. Configure the bike and track all your rides, even when your phone is not with you.

Theft alarm and tracking, configuration, diagnostics, updates, ride analytics, sharing, service record and more. It’s all there. Digitally.

It keeps going, and going, and going…

Revonte AKKU battery system feeds your e-bike with up to 2.8kWh of uninterrupted raw power!

Choose 530Wh, choose 705Wh, choose vertical or horizontal, choose top or bottom fixation, choose up to four connected units, choose smart, choose ease-of-use, choose open, choose compact, choose secure, choose AKKU.

One battery for all e-bikes.

Take your e-bike to the next level with Revonte ONE